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Andrew J. Corsa

Dr. Andrew Corsa

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

B.A., Vassar College Ph.D., Syracuse University

Office: Old Main A311 

Phone: 610-683-4556

Office Hours: Monday 8:30-9:30/  Tuesday 3:00-4:00/  Wednesday 2:00-3:00/  Friday 2:00-4:00 

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Areas of Study: History of Early Modern Philosophy, History of Moral and Political Philosophy

Areas of Concentration: Philosophy of Theatre, Philosophy of Technology, Ethics

Dr. Andrew J Corsa specializes in the History of Moral and Political Philosophy and Early Modern Philosophy.   He wrote his doctoral dissertation on Thomas Hobbes's moral and political thought, focusing on Thomas Hobbes's response to the moral skeptic, whom Hobbes calls the "Foole."  More recently, much of Dr. Corsa's research has focused on early modern conceptions of "Greatness of Soul," a phrase which, speaking loosely, picks out virtuous and good pride.  Sometimes it is appropriate for us to be proud of our accomplishments.  Imagine climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, looking down, and laughing in joy.  Dr. Corsa's essays on modern greatness have been accepted by the peer-reviewed journals, Hobbes Studies and Ergo, An Open Access Journal of Philosophy.

Dr. Corsa is also interested in the Philosophy of Theater and the performing arts.  Much of his most recent manuscript focuses on dance, and on the way audiences empathize with dancers. 
As a teacher, he grounds philosophy in examples that are more memorable than talk on its own.  For example, students actually experience John Locke's famous "qualities" example involving hot, cold, and lukewarm water.  His classes focus on critical thinking, reading, and writing.  Students receive feedback on drafts before handing in papers, and they complete "argument assignments," creating original, valid arguments and dividing them into numbered premises and conclusions.  Students also complete multi-media projects, creating movies, paintings, surveys, etc.  These projects display as much depth as traditional papers.

Outside academia, Dr. Corsa helped Antonio Frontera write/compile the book:  Chicken Soup for the Soul: Kids in the Kitchen.  He helped Justin Fatica to write the first draft of the book:  Hard As Nails. He has also written and co-written several yet-unpublished works, including a novel, several books for young adults, and two feature-length screenplays.