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KU Math Club

The KU Math Club is open to all students with an interest in mathematics.  Join us for some pizza, fun, and relaxation on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 11:00-11:50 a.m. in Lytle 228.

President: Jacob Kramer
Vice President: Ed Adrescavage
Treasurer: Bill Harwi

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Eric LandquistDr. Amy Lu, and Dr. Tony Wong



April 12 - The KU Math Club will host Mr. Hank Youngerman, a Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS), who has volunteered to be the CAS Liaison to Kutztown University.  Mr. Youngerman will give a presentation at the Math Club meeting at 11:00am in LY 228. Pizza will be provided. During his presentation, Mr. Youngerman will address the following questions:

  • What is an Actuary?
  • Why be an Actuary?
  • What skills are needed to be an Actuary?
  • What is the difference - CAS and SOA?
  • How do you become an Actuary?
  • What do Property/Casualty Actuaries do?
  • How can I find out more?
Mr. Youngerman graduated from Georgetown University in 1977. He became an Associate of the Casualty Actuarial Society and a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries in 1980 and then a Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society in 1983.  He is also an Associate in Risk Management and a Certified Employee Benefits Specialist.  Mr. Youngerman has about 35 years of casualty actuarial experience, in pricing and reserving, and in working for insurance companies, consulting firms, and government regulators.  
        Hank Youngerman         

March 14 - Come see a "lucky" faculty member get a pi(e) in the face at 3:14pm.

Dr. L gets Pi-ed!

February 9 - Elections, plans, and games!

November 10 - KU Math alumnus Rob Barbieri ('99) will speak about grad school at Lehigh, his work at Air Products, and how a degree in math prepares you for life after graduation.

October 13 - Jiao Xu will speak about an interesting combinatorial problem; Shannon Golden, Jiao Xu, and Guozhi Zhang will speak about their experience representing KU at the recent Cumberland Valley Math Modeling Challenge

Jiao Xu speaking at the KU Math Club          Jiao Xu and Shannon Golden speaking at the KU Math Club

September 15 - Curt Reigle will talk about his research on real world math, in particular pairing dogs with owners, and Dr. Fran Vasko will speak about various undergraduate research opportunities.


April 17 (3-5 pm) - The Imitation Game

April 14 - Learn about the Kryptos College Code Cracking Contest ( that will run from April 16-20th and learn how to crack some of the messages from previous contests.

February 10 - Bill Harwi, Jacob Kramer, and Kevin Singewald will talk about their problem and solution to the COMAP Math Contest in Modeling.  Then Dr. Landquist will demonstrate Mathematica and discuss the Collatz (3n+1) Conjecture.

November 11 - Dan Herrlin (KU Math 2001) will speak on his Ph.D. research on picking a fantasy baseball team.

October 14 - Jesse Bailey, Zach Moran, and Ian Tomes  will present their solutions to the CVMMC math modeling challenge.


April 8 - Dr. Lyn McQuaid - Kutztown Then vs. Now: Experiences of a KU Mathematics Major

π Day

March 11 - Dr. Brian Kronenthal - Experiences as a Mathematics Major in Undergraduate and Graduate School

February 11 - Luke Eshbach and Ian Tomes, 2013 Cumberland Valley Math Modeling Challenge Finalists - Modeling Financial Aid

November 23 - Career Opportunities in Mathematics - Careers Conference at Drexel.  Registration $30.00.  To reserve a seat in the van, contact Dr. Landquist.

November 12 - Actuaries Larry Brisman, Kristin Augustine, and Laura MacDonald from Beyer-Barber Company - What actuarial science is; how to prepare for a career in actuarial science; and the famous exams.

October 8 - Dr. Padraig McLoughlin - The Use of Evil Machines

September 10 - Mathematics in Industry Faculty Panel