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Dr. Yun Lu

Office Phone: 610-683-4402
Office Room:
LY 162


Research Interests:

  • Mathematical Logic, Graph theory, Combinatorics, Bioinformatics, Optimizations and Algorithms, etc.


  • B.S. in Applied Mathematics 2000
  • M.S. in Computer Science (Wesleyan University) 2006
  • Ph.D in Mathematics (Wesleyan University) 2007
Fall 2015 Course Days and Time Room
MAT 182-030 CALCULUS II MTWF 10:00-10:50am LY 218
MAT 182-050 CALCULUS II MTWF 12:00-12:50pm LY 218
MAT 121-060 MAT FOR BUS & INFO SCI MWF  1:00-1:50pm LY 218
Office Hours

Monday: 2-3PM

Tuesday: 1-3PM

Wednesday: 2-3PM

Friday: 2-3PM

LY 162