- Winter Weather Alert

KU to close at noon on Wednesday

Last Updated: 11/26/14, 11:50 a.m.

Due to the severe weather in the area, Kutztown University will close at noon today, Wednesday, Nov. 26, 2014.

Essential personnel should report as directed. 

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Departmental Office in Lytle Hall Room 227
Departmental Office Phone (610) 683-4410
Departmental Chair - Paul S. Ache, III, Ph.D.
Departmental Secretary - Tammy Starner Wert

Faculty schedules and office hours are shown on each faculty member's page, to view the faculty member's detailed information and/or websites, please click on the faculty member's name.

To view Faculty Awards, click here.

Professor Office Phone Email
Dr. Paul Ache, Chair LY 227 3-4410 ache@kutztown.edu
Mr. John Botzum LY 138 3-1381 botzum@kutztown.edu
Mr. Stephen Fowler LY 138 3-4411 fowler@kutztown.edu
Dr. Amadou Guisse LY 152 3-4420 guisse@kutztown.edu
Mr. Deepak Khanna LY 246 3-4421 khanna@kutztown.edu
Dr. Brian Kronenthal LY 264 3-4393 kronenthal@kutztown.edu
Mrs. Kanchan Kumar LY 161 3-4409 kumar@kutztown.edu
Dr. Eric Landquist LY 268 6-4140 elandqui@kutztown.edu
Dr. Perry Lee LY 267 3-4401 plee@kutztown.edu
Dr. Yun Lu LY 162 3-4402 lu@kutztown.edu
Mrs. Karise Mace LY 107A 3-4400 kmace@kutztown.edu
Mrs. Dianne McCready LY 207 6-4368 mccready@kutztown.edu
Dr. Padraig McLoughlin LY 265 3-4403 mcloughl@kutztown.edu
Dr. Lyn McQuaid LY 236 3-4415 mcquaid@kutztown.edu
Dr. Kunio Mitsuma LY 266 6-4354 mitsuma@kutztown.edu
Mrs. Celine Przydzial LY 169 3-4406 przydzia@kutztown.edu
Dr. Michelle Savescu LY 207 6-4373 savescu@kutztown.edu
Dr. Francis Vasko LY 230A 3-4417 vasko@kutztown.edu
Dr. Anke Walz LY103 3-4416 walz@kutztown.edu
Dr. Wing Hong Tony Wong LY 213 3-4407 wong@kutztown.edu
Mr. Jonathan Yeakel LY 207 6-4369 yeakel@kutztown.edu
Dr. Ju Zhou LY 170 6-4142 zhou@kutztown.edu