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Undergraduate Programs

B.S. in Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics offers the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Mathematics for those students who wish to pursue further study in mathematics or prepare for careers in mathematics or mathematically-related areas such as operations research, statistics, actuarial science, physical sciences, computer science, and others.  This 120-credit program consists of mathematics courses, courses in related areas and courses in General Education.

Mathematics Minor

The Department of Mathematics also offers a Minor in Mathematics for students in other disciplines (Computer Science, the Natural Sciences, etc.) who wish to increase their knowledge of mathematics. The minor consists of 21 credits in mathematics.

B.S. in Secondary Education/Mathematics and Mathematics & Physics

Additionally, the Department of Secondary Education and the Department of Mathematics co-administer the Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education (B.S.Ed.) with Certification in Mathematics degree. This program is currently designed to prepare students to become middle, junior high, and high school mathematics teachers in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This 120-credit program consists of mathematics courses, education courses, and General Education Courses.

M.S. in Secondary Education/Mathematics

The Master of Science in Secondary Education with a Mathematics concentration is designed for in-service secondary school mathematics teachers pursuing further study in mathematics, mathematics education, and educational areas relating to their profession.  The program ultimately consists of a minimum of 30 semester hours. A comprehensive examination is required. All courses are three semester hours, except the thesis. All students accepted into this program must complete all requirements within six calendar years.