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Curriculum- Core Requirements

Criminal Justice students are required to take 24 semesnter hours of core courses and 18 semester hours of elective courses in the criminal justice major.

Core Courses
CRJ 010 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRJ 101 Introduction to Policing
CRJ 181 Criminal Law
CRJ 182 Criminal Procedure
CRJ 250 Criminology
CRJ 270 Management of Offenders
CRJ 362 Research Methods in Criminal Justice
CRJ 380 Senior Seminar

Major Electives: 18 semester hours
CRJ 170 Introduction to Security Management
CRJ 190: Federal Law Enforcement
CRJ 200 Comparative Criminal Justice Systems
CRJ 201 Comparative Police Systems
CRJ 210 Development of Criminal Justice System
CRJ 220 Juvenile Delinquency
CRJ 221 Juvenile Justice
CRJ 230 Race, Crime and Criminal Justice
CRJ 231 Gender, Crime and Criminal Justice
CRJ 271 Substance Abuse and Crime
CRJ 272 Community Corrections
CRJ 273: Career Criminals and Criminal Carreers
CRJ 280 Ethics in Criminal Justice
CRJ 281 Crime and Delinquency Prevention
CRJ 301 Investigation & Intelligence
CRJ 310 Homeland Security
CRJ 311 Homeland Defense
CRJ 313: Homeland Security & Intelligence
CRJ 320 Evidence
CRJ 321 Contemporary Legal Issues
CRJ 370 Selected Topics
CRJ 379 Independent Study 
CRJ 390 Fieldwork

See Criminal Justice checksheets for complete listing of classes required for graduation.