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Students often engage in undergraduate research with faculty advisors and usually present their research at regional or national professional meetings. Some also publish their work with faculty co-authors.

Monica Buckley
Right: Monica Buckley ('11) conducted research with Dr. Allison Roy investigating whether bryophytes (mosses) can be used to determine the hydrological permanence of woodland streams in Eastern, PA. She collected and identified 16 mosses that are included in the Kutztown University herbarium, and made an educational website that explains the basic morphology, identification, and preservation of mosses. 

John Books

Left: John Books works on an experiment. A number of students over the past several years have worked full-time for the summer (with good pay) assisting Dr. Towne with research on honey bees and doing their own projects as well.

Below: A swarm of honey bees John was working with.

Bee Swarm

A few other recent presentations by students include (students' names are in bold):

  • Lisa M. Shinn and William F. Towne: "Do transplanted honey bees re-learn the sun's course in relation to a new landscape?" Annual Meeting of the Commonwealth of PA University Biologists, (April 2003).
  • Mandy Weatherill and Wendy L. Ryan. "Gas bubble disease in developing Japanese Medaka (Oryzias latipes)." Poster presented at the Pennsylvania Academy of Science Annual Meeting (April 2003).
  • Kristin Wernosky and Anne E. Zayaitz: "The effect of irradiation on coliform populations in commercially available hamburger" Annual Meeting of the Commonwealth of PA University Biologists (April 2003).
  • Sarah Fabiny and William Towne: "Does transplantation technique affect the ability of bees to re-learn the sun's course in a new site?" 2002 Annual Meeting of the Commonwealth of PA University Biologists, First place in Organismal Biology (April 2002).
  • Rebecca Jordi and Carol C. Mapes: "Effects of Light Quality on the Pupariation of the Goldenrod Gall Fly Eurosta solidaginis," poster presented at the Annual Meeting of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania University Biologists, Second Place Graduate Platform Presentation (March 2000).