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Program Requirements

Course Requirements for a Major & Minor in Sociology

Requirement Term / Program20112013
General Sociology
Social Order & Deviance
Sociology Minor [link] [link]

  • These checksheets are your guide to fulfilling graduation requirements for both your major and General Education requirements.
    • Write down all completed courses on it. Only write down the courses you have completed and your current schedule. Do not put courses you have withdrawn from or failed.
    • Write all course prefixes and course numbers.
    • ou can only use each class for 1 box. Sociology major requirements do not count toward General Education requirements. This means ANT 010 cannot satisfy category the II.B (University Distribution) or IV.B (College Distribution) requirements.
    • University Competency classes (courses designated as WI, QL, CP, VL, CM, CD, CT) can count twice.

You can read course descriptions within the MyKU Student Information System.   The courses are arranged alphabetically by prefix. To select Sociology, search for the SOC prefix.

Other Graduation Requirements

  • Senior Portfolio for Major
    • In your senior year, you will need to submit an electronic portfolio through D2L, containing papers and exams from your classes in the program.
  • All first baccalaureate degree are required to take at least 30 of their last 45 credits and at least 50% of their major credits at Kutztown University
  • Simultaneous Degree Completion - A 150 credit minimum will be required for completion of simultaneous degrees (BA/BS).
  • Application for Graduation - Students who plan to complete requirements for the degree at the end of a current semester must complete a diploma data form at registration.

The Sociology Major with Paralegal Studies program is in moratorium and therefore is no longer accepting students.