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Anthropology & Sociology Faculty

Crockett Jason L. Crockett Ph.D. University of Arizona
OM 458 484-646-4290 email
Interests : sexualities & gender; social movements; communities; knowledge/science; race/ethnicity
Delle James A. Delle (Chair) Ph.D. University of Massachussetts
OM 465 610-683-4243 email
Interests : historical archaeology; archaeological method & theory; archaeology of slavery & working class life
Donner William W. Donner Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
OM 471 610-683-4249 email | website
Interests : Oceania; social organization; cultural change; language & culture; Pennsylvania German culture; contemporary U.S.
Ehrensal Kenneth N. Ehrensal M.Phil, City University of NY
OM 472 610-683-4599 email
Interests : applied anthropology; work; globalization; critical management studies
Fu Albert S. Fu Ph.D. SUNY Binghamton
OM 460 484-646-4298 email
Interests : urban studies; global cities; cultural studies; environmental sociology; material culture; historical sociology
Greenwood Joleen L. Greenwood Ph.D. SUNY Albany
OM 459 610-683-4248 email
Interests : social class; family; gender
John Mauricia John Ph.D., Ohio State
OM 457 610-683-4724 email
Interests : immigration & assimilation; social change & development; poverty & inequality; race & ethnicity
Johnson Diane Johnson Ph.D. University of Chicago
OM 462 610-683-4741 email
Interests : political sociology; formal organizations; sociological theory; social psychology of shame
O'Boyle Timothy O'Boyle Ph.D., Rutgers University
OM 461 610-683-4247 email
Interests : gambling; deviance; white collar crime; intimate relations
Schlegel Jennifer Schlegel Ph.D., UCLA
OM 470 610-683-1546 email
Interests : language obsolesence; language socialization; childhood; hate studies; Pennsylvania German language & culture
Shively Kim Shively Ph.D., Brandeis University
OM 473 610-683-4740 email
Interests : religion, gender; nationalism; symbol systems; religious radicalism; Islam; Turkey; apocalypticism
Webb David Webb Ph.D., University of Chicago
OM 469 610-683-4245 email
Interests : human & primate locomotion; forensic anthropology; human evolution