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Library Science

Spring 2015 Library Science Courses

Conference Scholarship for Pennsylvania MLS Students

Happy conference season!

The Lehigh Valley chapter of the Pennsylvania Library Association is excited to announce a new conference attendance grant!

We are offering a conference scholarship for a deserving MLS student or young/emerging librarian from the chapter.  We encourage any librarians or MLS students that are not currently PaLA members to apply for the grant but they will need to become members to receive the award. This grant is open to any Lehigh Valley resident.

The application form is here:

The deadline for applying is August 28. The successful applicant will receive a full registration for the PaLA Annual Conference to be held at the Lancaster Convention Center from September 28 through October 1. Questions should be directed to Daniel Huang at 610-758-3035 or via email,


Daniel Huang and Courtney Eger
Daniel L. Huang
Lehigh University
Acquisitions Librarian

Book Review

Spring 2014 Book Review

Fall 2013 Book Review

Graduation 2014
Graduation 2014
Seated, from left: Dr. Long, Dr. Sims, Amanda Schomaker, Shelby Foster, Abby Young, Prof. Latanision.
Second row: Prof. Perkins, Mandalee Flannery, Gwen Fisher, Brianna Gilbert, Britanny Lee.

Graduation 2014
Graduation 2014
Dr. Sims, Dr. Harmer, Prof. Latanision, Prof. Perkins, and Dr. Long

Dr. Long and Professors Nancy Latanision and Roseanne Perkins gather with graduates prior to the Spring 2013 Commencement


The Library Science program at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania prepares skilled professional library information specialists who are cognizant of their importance in a diverse, rapidly changing global society.

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The program began in 1921 as an undergraduate degree (B.S.Ed.). The master's program began in 1965 as an M.Ed. Since 1972, the basic professional curriculum has led to the Master of Library Science degree (MLS). Currently, Kutztown offers a bachelor's degree in library science with PA certification (K-12), a bachelor's degree in library science, and a master's degree (MLS) in library science with or without certification.

Students completing either of these programs are prepared as professional librarians to evaluate, select, collect, organize, store, retrieve and disseminate information.

The various program options have been designed to include the traditional roles of librarianship as well as the standard and emerging technologies. Additionally, the program balances theoretical foundation with practical implementation.

Teacher Education programs at Kutztown University are fully accredited by the State of Pennsylvania through the Pennsylvania Department of Education. This accreditation involves a regular review and alignment with state teacher education program standards and compliance with all aspects of appropriate Pennsylvania State law and code.

Teacher Education programs at Kutztown University are nationally accredited by the Nation Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. NCATE establishes high and rigorous standards for preparation programs, holds accredited institutions accountable for meeting these standards, and requires institutions to demonstrate teacher candidates know their subject matter and how to teach it effectively to all students.

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs

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