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M.L.S. without Certification

The MLS without certification is a 36-hour program which includes the core courses that provide a foundation in information sources and services, organization of information, collection development, and management of libraries.

Library Science

Former mentors and students meet up at library conferences.


Required: 18 credits

LIB 500 Methods of Research
LIB 509 Foundations of Library and Information Services
LIB 511 Reference and Information Services in Library Settings *
LIB 513 Organizing, Cataloging and Classifying Materials *
LIB 515 Collection Development *
LIB 526 Technologies in Libraries *

Electives: 12 credits

LIB 440 Selected Topics in Library Science
LIB 480 Intro to Preservation and Digitization of Archives and Special Collections
LIB 510 Literature of the Humanities
LIB 520 Literature of the Social Sciences
LIB 530 Literature of the Sciences and Technology
LIB 531 Oral Tradition in the Library
LIB 543 Public Library Services
LIB 550 Book and Materials for Adults
LIB 555 School Library Administration
LIB 558 Librarians Role in Supporting Reading Strategies
LIB 562 Ethical Behavior in Libraries and Instructional Technology
LIB 570 Independent Study
LIB 575 Teaching Function of the School Library
LIB 585 Children and Young Adult Literature
LIB 590 Fieldwork: School Library
LIB 591 Fieldwork: Public and Special Libraries
Or any LIB/ITC graduate-level course

Free Electives: 6 credits (with approval of advisor)

Option 1:
Master of Library Science Degree (36 credit hours)

Option 2:
For students holding an undergraduate degree in library science (36 hours)
* If taken as an undergrad (within 10 years), an elective may be substituted)


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