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M.L.S. with Initial Certification

The MLS with initial K-12 Library Science certification includes the required professional education courses in addition to the library science courses.

Library Science

       Stroudsburg area library professionals gather for ABA Banquet to wish former student 
senior, Laura Emert, (center) well.



PRAXIS II (at end of program)

  • Fundamental Subjects: Content Knowledge: 511
  • Library Science 311

Professional Education Courses

SPU 201 or SPU 500 Cognitive Development
SPU 314 or SPU 514 Effective Instructional Strategies
SPU 316 or SPU 516 Literacy Development and Instruction in Core and Intervention Areas
EDU 434 Instructional Methods, Materials, and Assessments for ELL/ESL populations

Courses in Specialization: 30 credits

LIB 509 Foundations of Library Science and Information Services
LIB 511 Reference and Information Services in Library Settings
LIB 513 Organizing, Cataloging and Classifying Materials
LIB 515 Collection Development
ITC 525 Computers in Education
LIB 526 Technologies in Libraries
LIB 555 School Library Administration
LIB 575 Teaching Function of the School Library
LIB 585 Children and Young Adult Literature
LIB XXX Graduate Elective

LIB 588/589 Clinical Experience and Practicum: 12 credits (Student Teaching)
This is the final experience in the initial certification program. The clinical experience is a full-time, day, semester-long experience. It involves two seven-week placements in area school districts. All courses in the certification program must be completed prior to the clinical experience.

Our certification program has been reviewed and approved by the American Association of School Librarians' program reviewers; program recognition is tied to NCATE accreditation.


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