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M.Ed. Instructional Technology

With Concentration in Digital Classroom Technology (30 Credit Hours)

Required Foundation Courses - 6 credits
ITC 514 - Perspectives on Instructional Technology and Learning
ITC 525 - Technologies for the 21st Century Educator

Required Major Courses - 12 credits
ITC 435 - Designing Distance Education for the K-12 Educator
ITC 520 - Building Effective Online and Classroom Instruction
ITC 527 - Problem-based Learning Through Instructional Technology
ITC 536 - Emerging Technologies for Educators

Electives - 6 credits
ITC 425 - Computer Networks in Education
ITC 515 - Word Processing and Desktop Publishing in Education
ITC 518 - Integrating Assistive Technology into the K-12 Curriculum
ITC 547 - Special Topics in Instructional Technology
ITC 553 - Development of Digital and Multimedia Instructional Resources
ITC/LIB 555 - Management of Information and Technology Center Environments
ITC/LIB 562 - Digital Citizenship
ITC 590 - Internship\Practicum

* Any LIB or ITC graduate level course may also count as an elective with advisor approval.

Research - 3 credits
LIB 500 - Methods of Research

Electronic Portfolio - 3 credits
ITC 548 - Electronic Portfolios for Educators
Comprehensive Portfolio Review and Presentation - Required (P/F)


Admission requirements include official transcripts from previously attended colleges or universities, three letters of professional recommendation, and copy of valid teaching certificate or an acceptable GRE score. Students accepted into the program must complete all requirements within six calendar years.

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