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Comprehensive Examination & Culminating Projects

As a culminating experience for counseling degree programs in the Department of Counseling and Student Affairs, counseling degree candidates are required to complete a Comprehensive Examination. Students in the Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education program are required to complete a Comprehensive Final Project and Oral Presentation.The objectives of this culminating experience are:

  • To help the candidate synthesize and integrate his/her program of study.
  • To determine the degree to which pre-established, basic competencies have been acquired.
  • To determine the depth and breadth of general knowledge and the degree of integration of such knowledge.
  • To determine the candidate's skills in communicating knowledge.To assess the quality of the graduate training programs.


Counseling Programs: During their Internship year, counseling degree candidates take the national Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination ( This exam is given once per year on the first Saturday in September.  To help candidates prepare for the examination, an orientation meeting is held during the Spring semester. Students are notified of examination and orientation dates via KU email.


Counseling candidates must register for the comprehensive examination during the Spring semester prior to taking the examination. Students must be in good standing (GPA 3.0) with no Incompletes. Registration forms may be obtained here or from the Department office, Old Main A Wing, Room 420.Students who miss deadlines regarding comps registration and payments will have to make arrangements to take the comps examination at another university.


Student Affairs Administration Program: The Comprehensive Final Project completed by student affairs administration degree candidates is done during the Fall/Spring internship year. Students are enrolled for the final project and are given instructions on the format for completion of the project and the format for the oral presentation at the beginning of the Fall internship semester. The instructions include dates for the completion of the project, as well as dates for the oral presentation (toward the end of the Spring semester prior to graduation).   


School Counseling Students:  All School Counseling students are eligible to receive the Educational Specialist Certificate. The required test for this Certification is the Praxis Professional School Counselor test