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Admission to Candidacy


Advancement to candidacy signifies that the student has met the dispositional and academic requirements to advance from student to degree candidate. At this point the student has demonstrated sufficient preparation to pursue a master's degree and this is formally recognized by department faculty.


Students may apply for candidacy upon completion of 12 credits and before completion of 24 credits. If students anticipate the transfer of graduate credits from another institution, this should be accomplished before applying for candidacy. Application for Candidacy forms may be obtained here on the website as well as in the department.


Requirements for Admission to Candidacy

    1. The student must have a minimum of a 3.0 in all graduate courses completed at Kutztown University.
    2. All grades of "I" must be resolved and recorded.
    3. Successful completion of between 12-24 hours of graduate coursework.
    4. A maximum of twenty-four (24) graduate credits may be earned before candidacy is attained.
    5. Students who have not attained candidacy by the time twenty-four (24) graduate credits have been earned may not register for additional courses as a matriculated student in the degree program.
    6. Students must successfully meet the criteria for professional competency as outlined in the Policy and Procedures for Evaluating Counseling & Student Affairs Students.



    1. Upon completion of twelve (12) graduate credits at Kutztown University, the student confers with his/her advisor and completes the "Application for Candidacy."
    2. The student's advisor signs and submits the "Application for Candidacy" to the program committee for approval (If the application is not approved, the process ends here).
    3. The department chairperson signs the "Application for Candidacy" form and forwards it to the dean's office.
    4. The dean admits the student to candidacy and reports the action to the Graduate Council.
    5. If the application is not approved, a departmental committee will notify the student of reasons and outline a plan for how the student should proceed with the goal of remediation.