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Master of Science in School Counseling

The Master of Science in School Counseling Programs are designed to develop the competencies necessary for an individual to function as a counselor in school settings. They are structured to enable students to develop personal awareness of self, knowledge of counseling and educational concepts, and skills in counseling school students. Included in the programs are an emphasis on developing assessment and research skills and using research findings in school counseling. The School Counseling program offers a  51-credit program and the 60-credit program:

The 51-credit School Counseling program provides opportunities to meet the requirements for Pennsylvania School Counseling Certification in grades PreK through 12.

The 60-credit School Certification and Licensure program meets the requirements to be a Pennsylvania Certified School Counselor and meets the academic requirements for the Pennsylvania Licensed Professional Counselor credential.

Upon successful program completion and qualifying scores on the PAPA and PRAXIS examinations, certification as a School Counselor is granted through the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

The curriculum check sheets for all Department Programs are available here.