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Graduate Assistantships

There are a limited number of graduate assistantships available for the Kutztown University MBA program. Students seeking graduate assistantships are required to complete a graduate assistantship application form and must have earned admission to the program. Graduate assistants are selected based on their academic and professional backgrounds.

Graduate assistants receive a waiver of tuition and a stipend. Graduate assistants are required to be full-time students who register for at least nine graduate credits per term and are required to work a minimum of 20 hours per week for each semester. College of Business graduate assistants assist with the development of small businesses through the Kutztown University Small Business Development Center, help create new businesses through the College's community outreach programs, assist professors with research, and provide assistance to the Office of the Dean of the College of Business.

If the assistantship application process is tied to the program application process, make that clear. (In other words, students considering application will want to know that their offer letters will include notification about assistantships- if that is indeed the case.)