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News & Information

We Are Moving

Effective August 2013, the Office of the Dean of Students will be moving from the McFarland Student Union to 119 Stratton Administration Building.  Our office is located on first floor down the hall from the Registrar's Office.  For assistance, questions or directions contact 610-683-1320.

Proposed Student Code of Conduct: 2013-2014

Members of the KU community are invited to submit comments, observations and remarks about the proposed 2013-2014 Student Code of Conduct.  The revised code combines conduct standards, policies and procedures into a single document that is designed to be a much more user friendly reference for all members of the campus community.   

PA Increases Fines for Alcohol Violations

Effective December 24, 2012 a new law in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania took effect that increased the potential fines for such offenses as underage possession, consumption and/or transportation of alcohol as well as public intoxication.  A person convicted of these laws (Sections 5505 and 6308 (b) of Title 18) is subject to a maximum fine of $500 for the first offenses and $1,000 for the second and subsequent violations.  The previous fine structure was $300 for first offenses and $500 for second or subsequent infractions.  To read the act in its entirety see: PA Act 2012-205

For more information to help you make good choices about alcohol and other drugs please consult our resource page:  Alcohol & Other Drugs.