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Student Conduct Advocate Program

Need help preparing for a hearing? Don't know anyone who will be your advocate? We do!   

  • Students may request a Student Advocate (SA) through the Student Advocate Program. 
  • The Student Advocate Program is a resource for students going through or involved in the student conduct process. 
  • The SA can provide students with guidance on how to be best prepare for a hearing. 
  • The SA is a neutral party and has no influence on the outcome of the case and are only involved to the extent the student wishes. 
  • Participation in the program is optional.

What Student Advocates Can Do

  • Review the steps and phases of a conduct hearing.
  • Assist students with preparing their own case by learning how to construct effective opening/closing statements and develop effective witness questions.
  • Answer questions about the Student Code of Conduct and the conduct process.
  • Clarify student rights available to students in the hearing process.
  • Help students feel more comfortable and confident going into their hearing.
  • Advise students on the appeal process.

What Student Advocates Cannot Do:

  • Represent students or attend their hearing.
  • Write/construct case presentations for students.
  • Influence an outcome or mediate a solution to the incident.
  • Help students find loopholes in the student conduct process

Who is the Student Advocate?

  • The graduate assistant for student conduct in the Dean of Students Office serves as the Student Advocate.  
  • To contact the Student Advocate, email for additional assistance or call 610-683-1320.