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Jogging Safety

Everyone who jogs, whether it be once a week or everyday, needs to be aware of certain crime prevention tips geared towards them. These safety tips can apply to anyone that is on the street, whether he or she is walking, jogging, or running.

One thing we need to remember is that no one is immune to crime. Crime does not always happen to someone else. It could happen to you. By being aware, you can reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of an attack.

One of the most serious problems for joggers is not paying attention and losing touch with their surroundings. Being alert and being aware is vital at all times.

Safety Tips for Joggers:

  1. Jog with a known companion.
  2. Jog in a familiar area.
  3. Do not jog in a secluded area.
  4. Do not jog after dark.
  5. Jog facing traffic.
  6. If followed, go to the nearest house and call the police.
  7. Wear bright colored clothing to improve your visibility.
  8. Carry a whistle or shrill alarm to summon help, if needed.
  9. Vary your route and pattern of running.
  10. Always be aware of your surroundings. Keep alert.
  11. Jog away from bushes where someone could hide.
  12. Take a key with you when you jog. Don't leave your house unlocked, as someone might be watching you and your house to see when it will be empty or unlocked.