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Book Theft

Register your books with the university police:

  1. When your book purchase is final, bring your books and the book registration form (PDF at the bottom of this page) to the Department of Public Safety in the basement of Old Main. We will then stamp your books and show you how to mark them so they can be identified ONLY as your books.
  2. Our department will provide you with a copy of this paper and keep the original on file for two semesters.
  3. Remember, if you buy any additional books, you must register them and update this record with the Department of Public Safety.
What to do if a book is misplaced or stolen:

  1. Immediately contact the Department of Public Safety, University Police, at 610-683-4001.
  2. Bring your copy of this information to the police department with you.
What will campus police do about the missing or stolen book?

  1. Once you report the misplaced or stolen book, the University Police will file a report.
  2. Contact local bookstores about your misplaced or stolen book and how to identify it.
  3. Prosecute, if a suspect is apprehended trying to sell the book.
To prevent theft, eliminate the opportunity:

  1. Follow the above steps to identify the books as yours.
  2. Keep your room door locked at all times.
  3. Keep your book bag and books with you or in sight at all times.
  4. If prohibited from keeping your books or valuables with you, keep them in sight or secure them in a locker or other secure place.

Click here to open the book registration form. Please print it out and bring it or mail it to the address below:

Kutztown University
Public Safety & Police Services
PO Box 730
Kutztown, PA 19530