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a.  Parking in Inclement Weather.  More information: 

b.    Bicycles - Bicycles operated on campus should be registered with Public Safety & Police Services and display a Kutztown University permit. Bicycles should be registered within the first week of the university session or within 24 hours after being brought on campus at a later date. Bicycles must have operable brakes. When being ridden at night, the bike must have front and rear lights (reflector is suitable for the rear). Operators of bicycles on campus will be required to observe the normal rules of the road, to obey traffic lights and signs, to give hand signals for turns, and to park them in racks. At no time shall a bicycle be parked or chained where it obstructs a sidewalk, building entrance, pedestrian or vehicular traffic-way, to University-owned equipment other than bike racks, nor may it be parked inside any building without getting permission from Housing and Residential Services inside the residence halls or from Public Safety & Police Services for all other buildings. The University accepts no responsibility for cutting locks or chains to remove bicycles causing such obstructions. Violators of any of the operating/parking rules on campus will be assessed a penalty of $15.00 and possible seizure of bicycle. 

c.    Skateboards and Rollerblades - the use of skateboards, long boards, roller skates or roller blades is prohibited within all buildings and on all campus property. Roller skates and blades are permitted for general transportation use by KU faculty, staff and students Monday through Friday from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. and all hours on Saturday or Sunday. 

d.    All questions are to be directed to the Public Safety & Police Services in Old Main.

e.    Parking fines and/or Registration fees are subject to change without prior notice. 

f.     To file an online parking violation appeal, or to seek information on vehicle registration (including online vehicle registration), visit the Public Safety.


Title 18 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes Section 7505 authorized Kutztown University to promulgate rules and regulations governing all vehicular traffic and parking upon such property. At Kutztown University a University Traffic Bureau, composed of faculty, staff, and students is designated to advise the Administrative Council on all proposals, policies, and regulations pertaining to parking and traffic control on the Kutztown University Campus; to serve as an appellate body to hear and adjudicate violations of campus traffic and parking regulations; and to provide current information to the university community regarding traffic and parking regulations.