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Loading/Unloading & Vehicle Breakdowns

a.    All persons are permitted to park their vehicles in the marked loading areas or in a legal parking space (students in white lined spaces only) for the purposes of loading and unloading their belongings. Use of the area is limited to twenty (20) minutes and may be used for this purpose only. Emergency flashers must be used. Violators are subject to a $20.00 fine and having the vehicle towed at the owner's expense. 

b.    Faculty and Staff members who need to park in restricted areas are permitted to do so, for the purpose of loading and unloading and are subject to a twenty (20) minute time limit. Emergency flashers are to be used. Requests shall be cleared through the Department of Public Safety & Police Services prior to using any restricted area for loading or unloading purposes.

c.    Operators of vehicles that breakdown on campus and are parked in unauthorized areas must report the breakdown to the Department of Public Safety & Police Services at the time the vehicle is discovered to be inoperable. Public Safety & Police Services must be advised of an estimated time for the repair and removal of the vehicle and a "Disabled" placard must be obtained from Public Safety & Police Services and placed on the passenger's side dashboard of the vehicle, in a visible location.