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Enforcement, Fines, & Appeals

a.    Enforcement of vehicle regulations upon all persons using the University property will be prompt, impartial and certain. Such enforcement is the responsibility of the Director of Parking, Transportation and Security Services. 

b.    Fines:

i.      Parking violation fines are $20.00, unless otherwise stated. 

ii.     Failure to report the exchange or sale of vehicle or improperly transferring of a permit to another vehicle is subject to a $20.00 fine. 

iii.    Failure to register a vehicle and properly display a permit is subject to a $20.00 fine. 

iv.    Fraudulent use of a permit is subject to receiving a $25.00 fine. Vehicles are subject to towing in accordance with section IV, sub-section M.

v.     Violators who illegally park in a handicap space will receive a $50 fine or may receive a State Citation under section 7505 of the PA crimes Code. Current fine and costs are approximately $123.50. Vehicles are also subject to towing at the owner's expense. A citation will be filed with the District Justice. 

vi.    Vehicular moving traffic violations are subject to a $25.00 fine. 

vii.   Fines which have not been paid or appealed within 7days of issue by non-students may be turned over to the District Justice for processing. Violations judged through the District Justice are subject to court costs and/or imprisonment in addition to the basic fine.

viii.  Students with fines which have not been paid or appealed within 7 days of issue may have their University records sealed and their vehicle immobilized until payment is made. 

ix.    Parking in an unauthorized area is subject to a $20.00 fine and illegal parking, inclusive of the Fairgrounds, is subject to a $20.00 fine. 

x.     Expired time on a parking meter is subject to a $10.00 fine for expired meter violation. Violators are subject to receiving one ticket every 2 (two) hours for the same offense. 

xi.    Violators of parking offenses in non-metered areas are subject to receiving one ticket every 4 (four) hours for the same offense. 

xii.   All fines are payable in the Bursar's Office, 2nd floor, Stratton Administration Center or by credit card through MyKU.  

c.    Persons who have parking violation fines outstanding beyond the limitations specified for paying said fines and persons committing flagrant violations are subject to having their parking privileges suspended or revoked. Individuals who are under suspension or revocation, who continue to park on the grounds of the University shall be fined in accordance with the regulation, in addition to being subject to having their vehicle immobilized or towed at the owner's expense. 

d.    Appeals must be made within 7 days after ticket issuance to the University Traffic Bureau. The appeal will be reviewed and a decision will be rendered. Traffic Bureau decisions are final. Ignorance of the regulations will not be accepted in any case as a basis for an appeal. All appeals must be presented in writing, in person at a Traffic Bureau meeting or online. Traffic Bureau meetings times and location are advertised in the University Brief or available by calling Public Safety & Police Services at 610-683-4002. Appeals may be submitted online via a student's myKU account.

i.      Appeals for tickets that are received more than 7 days after issuance will not be accepted unless presented in person at a meeting of the University Traffic Bureau, at which time the appeal will be heard. Written requests will automatically be denied.

ii.     Appeals to the Traffic Bureau, written or oral, must be expressed in a manner which accords with Kutztown University's Code of Civility. Bullying, derision, use of obscenities, heated or protracted argument or any other show of disrespect toward the Bureau or its staff will result in automatic denial of the appeal. 

e.    The University reserves the right to communicate with the registered operator or owner of the vehicle regarding outstanding tickets, violations or other pertinent information via the information gathered through the vehicle registration process or from the state's department of transportation.