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Campus Meal Plan Resources for Commuter Students

(KU) Dining Services Office (Meal Plans & Dining Flex Dollars) - Contact dining services
Although there are many meal plans to choose from, the following meal plans are recommended for the busy schedule of commuter and adult students:

10 Premium Meal Plan - 10 meals each week

75 Block Meal Plan - A total of 75 meals available to use during the semester

Note: The P.O.D Market and Fresh Market Smoothies accept Dining Flex Dollars but do not accept meal cash credit allowance.

Dining Flex Dollars Only

  • Dining Flex Dollars work the same as cash and can be used at any dining location on campus
  • All meal plans include dining flex dollars. You can open a dining flex dollar account or add more dining flex dollars by logging onto your Go to the Student Center>Finances>Make a Payment>Purchase Items.