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Leadership Development

Several leadership opportunities and training experiences are offered throughout the academic year including meetings, retreats and conferences.

R.E.A.L. Leadership Academy

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The world is in need of and ready for a new generation of intentional leaders, and through REAL, we will help them discover, reflect and put words into action.

To do this, we challenge participants to explore their inner strengths and values and expose them to activities that allow them to envision themselves and to become change agents.

In addtion to the philosophy that we know all  have the potentioal to bring about positive change, R.E.A.L. embraces the following behaviors:

  • We Recognize and acknoledge charcter in others and ourselves
  • We Encourage initiative and support peers
  • We Accept responsibility for our actions and acknowledge strengths, as well as faults
  • We Lead by example and expect others to lead with integrerity

We also encourage participants to undersand their own reactions and ambitions as well as the motives of others. We challenge them to examine their prejudices as well as biases. And, we emphasize the belief that we all have an obligation to make the world a place of positive caring communities.

REAL Leadership Academy is a three-tier program spanning across 3 semesters:

Tier 1 Focus:  Self-Reflection, Leadership Style, Integrity and Purpose

Tier II Focus:  Leadership Tools

Tier III Focus: Leacership in Action-Implementation

For more information or to sign-up for R.E.A.L or for more information of leadership opportunities, contact Graduate Assistant, Adrian Perez at 610-683-4810, or by emeail at or oncatct Ms. Rhonda at or by telephone at 610-683-4197.