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Leadership Development

Several leadership opportunities and training experiences are offered throughout the academic year, including:

  • Leadership retreats for student leaders and prospective leaders designed to engage them in developing or enhancing such skills as delegating responsibilities, effectively communicating, working with diverse groups, and developing organizational missions and goals.
  • The Men's Leadership Project: designed to address challenges and issues specific to male leadership development and to focus on skills essential to becoming effective leaders.
  • Male Leadership Series: To prepare and inspire men for leadership positions on campus, off campus, and in their future; these positions could be work or career related, extra-curricular, academic, volunteer-oriented, or personally focused.

    Contact: Cameo Pritchett, Graduate Assistant, x34810
  • Student Facilitated Projects
  • MCC Leadership Institute: a one day symposium created to provide an opportunity for KU alumni to share their leadership experiences and facilitate workshops for aspiring KU leaders.

For additional information on leadership activities and opportunities contact Rhonda Branford by email or by calling (610) 683-4197.