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Student Employment

The McFarland Student Union employs over 30 student employees in a variety of part-time positions. Student employees enjoy a flexible schedule and convenient location to work on campus. Student employees work in the student union seven days a week in the semester and are the chief operating workforce of the union. On average, employees work approximately 10 hours per week and 3-4 weekends per semester.

Students are encouraged to apply any time during the semester, however; the bulk of the hiring occurs towards the end of each semester in preparation for the upcoming semester. All new hires are trained before the start of the semester and monthly staff meetings are held to provide updated information and additional training to student staff. 

Student Employee and Leadership Opportunities:

  • Information Desk Assistant: Assists customers on the phone and in person with various service requests.
  • Office Assistant: Assists the Office Manager with clerical duties and support.
  • Building Assistant: Opens the McFarland Student Union, prepares rooms for events and conducts building rounds.
  • Building Manager: Manages student employees and operations on weekends/evenings; closes the McFarland Student Union.
  • Production Crew Assistant: Provides sound, lighting and audio-visual support for performances.
  • Art Gallery Manager: Coordinates the selection, installation, and opening of all gallery shows in the Student Union Art Gallery.
  • Graphic Designer: Designs multiple advertisement pieces for the Student Union as a whole and assists with the design elements for the MSU Website.
  • Webmaster: Maintains the Student Union website in both technical & creative aspects.
  • Graduate Assistant: Oversees various operational, programmatic and supervisory functions of the building.
  • Graduate Office Assistant: Manages the daily functions of the office (*not a graduate assistantship).

To apply for a Student Employee position:

  • Download an application (PDF requires Adobe Acrobat) or
  • Pick up an application at the Information Desk or in McFarland Student Union 274.
  • Applications accepted on a rolling basis. Priority consideration will be given to applicants that demonstrate a solid work ethic, high academic standards, and teamwork. 
  • If you are selected for an interview, a representative will contact you to schedule an appointment
  • All positions require a minimum of a 2.25 cumulative GPA, except the Building Manager position, which requires a minimum of a 2.5 cumulative GPA. 
  • Building assistants and building managers must be able to lift and move furniture and equipment between 35-50 lbs. 


  • "Working at the Information Desk I have learned to communicate better amongst a vast diversity of people." - Jade Cortez, Information Center Assistant
  • "Working as a Building Assistant and at the Info Desk has really expanded my abilities in organization and multitasking." - Anthony Seng, Info Center and Building Assistant