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Information Technology

Computer Usage

Computer Lab: Main Level, Room 294 Student Union Computer Lab
The McFarland Student Union's computer lab is located on the main floor in room 294 down the hall from the Bear's Den Coffeehouse, and offers 27 computers and 2  Laser Printers. The computers in the lab run on Windows 7 and feature Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, FrontPage, PowerPoint) and Internet Explorer for access to the web. The primary purpose of the McFarland Student Union computer lab is to offer basic software functions to students at a convenient location for students to work on academic assignments and co-curricular projects.

Bear's Den Cyber Lounge: Main Level, 289 The Cyber Lounge in the Bears Den
The Cyber Lounge in the Bear's Den Coffeehouse is designed to be a place where students can use ethernet cords to connect to the internet and access their email or connect to virtual, social networks. A coffeehouse environment offers a relaxing environment to explore the web and keep in touch with friends, family, and professors.

Building Wide Internet Connections:
Throughout the building, particularly in the Bear's Den Coffeehouse, lounges, and conference spaces, there are numerous communication outlets with data connections for web access. If you have a laptop with an Ethernet card installed, simply plug into the green data outlet and start surfing. It is that simple! Near the communication outlets you can find electrical outlets, to plug in your laptop, charge your cell phone or other electronic devices.

Wireless Networking
The Student Union also has wireless networking. With your KU login you can access the Bearnet wireless network within the building and on the MSU lawn.

Audiovisual Technologies
In several of our rooms, there are  AMX touch panels that control all audiovisual equipment  in the room. With a few simple touches the user can turn on the projector to show a computer presentation, adjust the volume of the computer sound, and then switch to show a DVD. Other options are available depending on the room. The multimedia lecterns (MML) incorporate a Windows PC, DVD/VHS player, TV tuner, and an option to connect a laptop. The MMLs are available in the Multipurpose room and the Alumni Auditorium. Video Projection Units (data projectors) are permanently mounted in the Multipurpose room, the Alumni Auditorium, and Mini-auditorium/TV Lounge. We also have portable projection units for conference room presentations.

New for 2013, the lower level, Mini-auditorium/TV Lounge(room 116) is a 28 seat multi-purpose space for meetings, lectures, and webinars. The space may be reserved through the University's EMS reservation system  for Mondays through Fridays 8-10am and 1-11pm and anytime on weekends. Request a reservation