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Carousel Message System

About Carousel TV

The McFarland Student Union's (MSU) Carousel Message System is a network-based video display system that allows service providers and programmers an effective and fast means of communicating with students, faculty, and staff. Carousel allows you to create and preview an electronic message to market particular programs and services that are offered on campus. In addition to messages about upcoming events, a meeting and events directory is updated daily.  Each message will be broadcast to five large screen TVs throughout the building where it can be seen by more than 7,000 guests that use the Student Union each day. 

System Management

  • The Student Union Operations Office is the approving authority and clearinghouse for the Carousel message system.
  • Messages with no corrections or edits will be approved within one business day. Most messages will be approved the same day if received during business hours.  
  • The Office of Student Union would appreciate any data or feedback about the system, particularly how it relates to any impact on the services you advertise.

Guidelines for Use

  • Users must sign up for an account in the Student Union Operations Office (McFarland Student Union 274). Users will receive an email with their login and password along with instructions on how to use the Carousel system. Two accounts per department are available.
  • Use of the Carousel system is for the promotion of services, events, meetings, programs, and special happenings taking place across campus. Only one message per event, promotion, or activity is permitted.
  • Messages must be broadcast for a definitive period of time not to exceed two weeks. Open ended/continuous announcements will not be approved.
  • Verbose messages or grammatical errors will be edited or returned for revision before approval is given.
  • Message crawls will be managed exclusively by the Student Union Operations Office.