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Brass Rail Gallery

Opening Take-Down Title Medium Artist
Jan 27th Jan 30th Landscape Oil Paintings Oil Paintings Katherine Cruz
Feb 3nd Feb 6th Exploration of the Ballpoint Pen Ballpoint Pen Ink Brittany Woo
Feb 10th Feb 20th Revealing the Internal Mixed Media Paintings Tyler Seisler
Feb 24th Mar 6th Smooth Skies Oil Paintings Yoo Juhn
Mar 17th Mar 27th Sense of Self Photography Seth Dixon
Mar 31st Apr 10th NONE Embroidery Anastasia Cuvo
14-Apr Apr 24th NONE Photography Brigid Donlon
Apr 28th May 8th NONE NONE Paige Pyatt

Bear's Den Gallery

Opening Take-Down Title Medium Artist
Jan 27th Jan 30th Crimson Surroundings Mixed Media Kathleen Rabetts
Feb 3rd Feb 13th "Blood, Sweat & Illustration" Digital Illustration Class Show - Prof Cunfer
Feb 17th Feb 27th The New Authority Project Sculptural Installation Jacob Schaub
Mar 3rd Mar 20th Abstract Expressionism Oil Paintings Hannah Pipkin
Mar 24th Apr 3rd NONE Textiles Mary Marticelli
Apr 7th Apr 17th Mediocre Paintings Benjamin Hoffman
Apr 21st May 1st NONE Sculpture Joe Painter
May 5th May 8th The Overlap and Space Between Straight Laced and Far Out Oil Paintings Macauley Norman

Corner Gallery

Opening Take-Down Title Medium Artist
Jan 26th Jan 30th Working Town Black And White Film Photography Rachel Hammersley
Feb 2nd Feb 6th The Beauty of Berks County Photography Dorothy Siravo
Feb 9th Feb 13th Created Characters Oil & Acrylic Paintings Sam Levan
Feb 17th Feb 20th metalwork Metals Christina Shelly
Melissa Way
Emily Hershey
Nicole Katkowski
Erin Shannon
Spenser Spratlin
Alexandra White
Erin Ilch
Feb 23rd  Feb 27th  Here. Prints Paige Pyatt
Mar 2nd  Mar 6th  Brushstrokes Mixed Media Cambrea Roy
Mar 16th  Mar 20th  A Place to Pass Through Oil & Acrylic Paintings Kelsey Mason
Mar 23rd  Mar 27th  Maret Hench
Mar 30th  Apr 3rd  Hand Picked Digital Design DJ Rossino
Apr 6th  Apr 10th  Abby DiVisia
Apr 13th  Apr 17th  Kelly Broomhead
Apr 20th  Apr 24th Inanimate Photoshop & Ink Chrissy Bresadola
Apr 27th  May 1st  Maggie Gorny
May 4th  May 8th  Brittany Woo