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Setting Input Language

Mac Computers:

French, German & Spanish on Mac Computers:
Mac computers come ready out-of-the-box to deal with inputting special characters for French, German and Spanish. No steps are necessary to use the keystrokes for these languages as provided on our website. 

Chinese Characters on Mac Computers:
Before you can type in Chinese, you must first change the input language.  Instructions can be found on the Apple website:  10.6 (Leopard), OS X Lion, OS X Mountain Lion.  We recommend selecting the Chinese - Simplified keyboard input.  Once you have changed the input language follow the instructions on our website for typing Chinese Characters

PC XP, Vista, Windows 7: has an excellent resource for explaining how to set different input languages for XP, Vista or Windows 7 computers.

French, German & Spanish on PC Computers:
We recommend using the English International Keyboard for French, German and Spanish versus the language-specific keyboards. This is the default keyboard used in the LRC and it enables users to easily switch between languages with simple keystrokes for inputting special characters. If students prefer to use the French, German or Spanish language keystrokes, they may change the input language in the language toolbar.

Chinese Characters on PC Computers:
The PC computers in DF 107 & 109 already have the Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese language input files installed. Students can use the same instructions from to set up the Chinese - Simplified keyboard on their home computer.  We recommend, and use the Chinese Simplified (PRC) New Experience Input keyboard.  Once this keyboard is enabled, students can follow the instructions on our Typing Chinese Characters page to complete their assignments on their home computers.