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Pennsylvania German

How can the LRC Help you Learn PA German?

The LRC is currently working to increase its resources for supporting the studying of PA German language and culture.  While our resources are currently limited, we will be adding new ones as they are developed and/or obtained.  Please check back to this page often for more information.

  1. Quizlet sets for 011, 012, 103 & 104 courses.
  2. Online PA German study materials:  (we are adding to this daily.  Please check back frequently for new "finds"!) - pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, listening, tv, radio, newspapers, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, mobile apps, Spanish for specific professions, cultural materials, dictionaries & other reference resources, conversation & penpal, podcasts, etc.
  3. Composition assistance:  While we do not have any PA German assistants this semester, we do have students who can help you brainstorm what you are able to say in PA German to complete any composition assignments.  They will; however, not be able to check grammar or language choice accuracy.  If there is an interest in PA German services, then the LRC could look to add to these services in the future.
  4. Tips for successful language study:  PA German 011 (coming soon)
  5. Headsets and software for voice recording.
  6. Technology help & training on all technology needed to complete your assignments:  audio recording, video recording, online assignments, using Microsoft Office in a second language, inputting special characters.
  7. International Language Support (spell-checkers, grammar-checkers) for Windows, Mac and Microsoft Office (no, these aren't standard on personal computers).
  8. Webcams for cross-cultural video conferencing.
  9. All the technology equipment & software needed to complete your assignments.