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English (ESL)

How can the LRC Help you Improve your English?

  1. Assignment help - our assistants are language students too!  
  2. Multicultural and multilingual environment - we are all second language learners and all know what the experience
  3. Online English study materials:  pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, listening, tv, radio, newspapers, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, mobile apps, Spanish for specific professions, cultural materials, dictionaries & other reference resources, conversation & penpal, podcasts, etc.
  4. Tips for successful language study.
  5. Pronunciation assistance - ask one of our assistants to listen to your presentation or work through your pronunciation practice exercises.
  6. Solutions for issues with online textbooks (how to purchase on-line access, exceptional circumstances, finding assignments, submitting assignments, etc.)
  7. Headsets and software for voice recording.
  8. Technology help & training on all technology needed to complete your assignments:  audio recording, video recording, online assignments, using Microsoft Office in a second language, inputting special characters.
  9. International Language Support (spell-checkers, grammar-checkers) for Windows, Mac and Microsoft Office (no, these aren't standard on personal computers).
  10. Webcams for cross-cultural video conferencing.
  11. All the technology equipment & software needed to complete your assignments.