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The LRC is a lively environment for students studying and learning languages and exploring culture. In addition to the learning resources we offer, the LRC offers a space to relax and socialize for students interested in language, literature, culture and linguistics.

DF109DF 109 - Lab / Classroom / Large Meeting Room

This room is equipped with 32 PC computers and double projector classroom technology. In addition to the data projection from the classroom computer, there is an ELMO document projector and a VCR/DVD player. When used as a meeting room or classroom, all of the computers and computer monitors are stowed away in the desks to optimize visual contact and reduce distractions.

This room has multi-region DVD capabilities.

This room is equipped with a printer. Please see our Printing Policy on the Equipment page.

The Schedule for DF 109. 

DF107 CabinetDF 107 - Open Lab / Classroom

This room has 7 PC computers and 8 Mac computers with all of our software resources. It also has an 8-person meeting table suitable for informal get-togethers. This is our primary "drop-in" lab as well as the entrance to DF 109, our meeting room DF 107B and the LRC Director's Office DF107 A.

The PC computers have all the software and capabilities of DF 109 plus we have Mac computers that offer special Mac-only software (e.g., iLife, iWork). This allows students to work independently on assignments or materials in either room.

Yes, this room also has multi-region DVD capabilities.


DF 107B - Study Room / Video viewing room

This room has a round table that seats six suitable for study groups, and a TV with VCR and DVD (region 1 only). When this room is not booked, students are free to use this room to study for exams or for student club meetings or to watch an assigned video. Most often this room is the best place for more than one student to watch a video together.

The Schedule for DF 107B Meeting Room.