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Equipment in the LRC

Borrowing a Headset, Reserve Materials or Other Equipment / Resources:

When borrowing a headset, a book, a DVD, a CD or any other piece of equipment or resource, these resources must stay in the LRC. Students are asked to leave in exchange something they will not forget to retrieve such as ID, car keys, phone, USB drive, textbook, etc. (Please no check cards, cash, gift cards or other monetary item.) This process allows us to verify that equipment has been returned so that it can be kept secure.

Printing in the LRC:

You are welcome to come the LRC to work on any homework or just to hang out with other language students.  The computers may be used by any student, but printing is restrictedPrinting is restricted in the LRC to materials for courses taught by professors in the Modern Language Studies Department (including Education Methodology and ESL certification courses) and materials needed by language or language education majors and minors for the purposes of advisement. To print: ask the assistant if you may print, fill out the printing book indicating the number of pages, and then print.

Our facilities include:

  • 37 PC Computers and 8 MAC Computers
  • 3 Mac laptops (require prior permission from Director to borrow and must be signed out by and returned to the Director)
  • 4 iPads (require prior permission from Director to borrow and must be signed out by and returned to the Director)
  • Headsets with High Quality Microphones
  • Webcams for Video-Conferencing with native speakers or other learners (e.g., Skype,
  • Printing Capabilities (see restriction noted above)
  • Online Language Resources
  • Language Specific Software
  • Audio and Video Resources
  • Multi-lingual Keyboard Inputs (not standard on campus computers)
  • Scanner
  • Smartboard
  • VCR and DVD Players
  • Multiregion DVD capability (not standard on campus computers)
  • 3 Projectors
  • Small Meeting Room with TV, VCR & DVD
  • Space for Socializing and Practicing Target Languages
  • Technical Support for Faculty and Students
  • Desire2Learn and Other Online LMS Support
  • Technology Training Sessions for Faculty and Students
  • Multilingual Staff