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About the LRC

The Language Resource Center at Kutztown University was established in 2007 with Information Technology Funding from the PASSHE system.

In 2009, the LRC welcomed its first director, Ms. Deanne Cobb-Zygadlo.

The LRC serves students and faculty who teach and learn language, culture, and communication. Although at the moment, the LRC primarily serves the Modern Language Studies Department and the Intensive English Program, the LRC has also played a role in supporting Intercultural Communication and International Business courses.

We promote technology-enhanced learning through computer-assisted language learning resources, faculty and student training, classroom support, research in computer-assisted language and culture learning, development projects, grant writing, technology research assistance, and additional services as requested.

Our facilities, DF 107 & 109 are distinct from any other facility on campus because the configuration of all the technology is based on the actuality that the systems are used for listening, watching, recording and writing in a second language.  English language support (like an English keyboard) is secondary.  Therefore, our facilities are not the best choice for classes taught in English which do not have a language focus.  (Intensive English courses are an exception because the faculty and students in these courses need to learn the how to adjust the technology to fit their multilingual needs and are usually excited to find a facility that supports their first language too.)

If you are interested in knowing more about the LRC or would like more information about the services that we provide or how we may help you with your programs, please feel free to contact the Director at 484-646-5865 or by email at

More information about our center can be found below:

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  • LRC Advisory Committee (coming soon)
  • Facilities (coming soon)
  • Events
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