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KU Schedule Change (Update) 3/4

Last Updated: 3/4/15, 8 a.m.

Classes that begin before noon (12 p.m.) are canceled, administrative offices will open at noon for Wed., March 4. Additional Changes

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Using the ID Card

Sometimes, you find yourself out and about with just your KU ID card. No worries. Look at what it can do for you:

  • Bear Bucks, both on- and off-campus
  • Meal Plans
  • Dining Flex
  • Residence Hall Access
  • Computer Lab Access
  • Admission to Athletic Events
  • Library Borrowing
  • Campus Events and Activities
  • Campus Shuttle
  • PSECU ATM Access

Purchasing Food

South Side Cafe

South Side Cafe is an all-you-can-eat dining hall. If you have a meal plan, the cashier will simply swipe your card once for your meal as you enter. If you don't have a meal plan, you can choose to pay for your meal another way, with Dining Flex, Bear Bucks or cash.

Retail Locations

This term refers to all of the dining halls besides South Side Cafe. These halls operate using cash equivalency, in which a meal swipe pays for $4.85 of your total meal. Then you must choose how to pay for the rest; you can choose Dining Flex, Bear Bucks or cash. The cashier will ask you how you want to pay for your meal when you arrive at the register. See Aramark's meal plan information page for further details.

Riding the Shuttle

Students, just show your card to the driver when you enter the bus. Faculty and staff must purchase a separate shuttle pass from the KU Card Office. Members of the community may also purchase bus passes from the KU Card Office or from the Borough of Kutztown. Check the KU Shuttle web site for further details.

Card Expiration

Students: The card does not expire, but is suspended indefinitely when the student leaves the university.  If the student returns for further education, the card is reinstated.  The card may be removed from the system after three years of dormancy.  Students are not required to relinquish their cards when they leave the university.

Faculty/staff: The card does not expire, but is suspended indefinitely when the employee leaves the university. 

Non-KU Employees: The card does not expire, but is suspended indefinitely when the employee leaves the university.  The card is retrieved from the employee by the sponsoring department upon their departure.

Contractors, temporary employees and official volunteers: Card expiration dates are set for the term of their contract, if known, or for one year.  The expiration date is not printed on the card.  Expired cards should be returned to the KU Card Office.  If the card holder's contract with the university is renewed, then the card expiration date can be extended by request of the sponsoring department.