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London, England

Winter Study Abroad Program in London, England: Study and travel as you participate in the KU Winter Program in London from December 26, 2015 - January 11, 2016.

The Winter 2016 London program is at capacity and no new applications will be accepted at this time. Check back for updates and information about future winter abroad programs in London!


PSY 290CD -- Culture and Personality (3 credit hours) 

The course is designed as an inter-disciplinary survey of the field of culture and personality. The key problem involves investigating the concepts of culture and personality and the nature of the relationship between them. Field trips throughout London and Great Britain, including historical sites and museums will encourage application of course concepts. (Taught by Dr. Derek Mace)

HIS 205 -- Roots of American Democracy and Industrialization (3 credit hours) 

This is a "Topics" course specifically designed to take advantage of the setting in Great Britain in an investigation in the roots of American Constitutionalism and Industrialism.  It will take advantage of the 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta as well as museums and key sites in the UK. (Taught by Dr. Andrew Arnold)

ENG 250/470-- Selected Topics, American Modernists in London (3 credit hours)

In this site-specific course, students will read works written by American writers while living in London.   Students will visit and explore the places these writers were living in order to map out a full understanding of the influence of the turn of the century London on the development of American identity and American modernism at a pivotal historical moment. (Taught by Dr. Andrew Vogel)

Students may take only one course. Upon successful completion of the requirements of the course, three semester hours credit will be earned. A letter grade will be given and no "Incompletes" will be issued.

London is a global center of art and commerce and a truly multi-cultural city. The diversity of culture in London is evidenced by the estimated 300-plus languages spoken. Our home base will be the Central London neighborhood Finsbury, located just north of the city center.

Students will stay in the dormitories of the London School of Economics. The rooms are fully equipped modern dorms with daily housekeeping.

Classes, Study Sites and Excursions:
Classes will be held each day, using both formal and informal classroom settings. Informal settings include destinations such as the Tower of London, the British Museum, Buckingham Palace, and Westminster Abbey. Class-related excursions (limited to the available budget) outside of London may include Salisbury, Oxford, and Edinburgh. Lastly, students will have ample free time for independent travel.

Applications for the KU Winter Program in London are available from the Department of Psychology and the KU International Office. Selection is based on a variety of factors that include, but are not limited to, program objectives, cultural adaptability, and academic standing. Space in this year's program is limited and the application process will be competitive.

APPLICATION: The application process has closed.

Cost: The cost of the 2016 KU Winter Program in London will be $1,950 plus three credits of KU tuition & fees.

The cost includes housing, British breakfast, excursions & site admission fees, transportation in London, and 3 course credits.

Additional Costs: 

Flight: Course participants are responsible for making their own plane reservations. Airfare is not included in the program fee. You will be informed which flights the instructors will be taking if you wish to join. Airfares are notoriously volatile and range for the moment (Spring 2015) from $800 to $1200.

Meals: You will be responsible for lunch and dinner while in London.

International Student Identity Card: This ID costs $25 and is available at the KU International Studies Office, Boxwood House, 484-646-4256. 

US Passport Fee: Currently $110.00

Students must have a valid passport prior to departure. Current price $110. Be advised that the procedure for passport application may take up to two months.

Required Health Insurance:
All students must have medical insurance with international coverage. Kutztown University, the Department of Psychology and individuals associated with the KU Winter Program in London are not responsible for the personal wellbeing of students who choose to participate in the program. You should check to see if your current medical insurance covers you overseas.

The International Student ID Card (ISIC) provides health insurance coverage for students studying overseas. Cards are available for purchase at the KU International Office, Boxwood House. For more information on coverage, go to

Code of Conduct:
Students who participate in the program are still governed by the Kutztown University rules and regulations as stipulated by the Kutztown University of Pennsylvania Undergraduate Catalog and The Key: Student Handbook. In addition, all U.S. and British codes of conduct must be respected. Kutztown University, the KU Department of Psychology, the KU International Office, the Program Coordinator, and the Program Instructors are neither responsible, nor liable for the conduct of the students. Students participating in the Program will also sign a code of conduct specific to the KU Winter Program in London.

For more information about the KU Winter Program in London, England 2016, please contact:

Dr. Derek Mace
Program Coordinator/Instructor
610 683-1368

Christy Derr
Secretary, Department of Psychology