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Exchange Programs for KU Students

Kutztown University has exchange agreements with several colleges and universities. Exchange programs allow KU students to pay tuition and fees to KU while studying at one of our partner institutions. Because the tuition and fees are being paid right to KU, students are able to use financial aid. Housing and meal plan fees are paid to the host institution.

Estimate the total cost of an exchange program by completing the budget worksheet

Agreements are always being updated, so check this list frequently! Our current agreements are:

Denmark (under review for renewal)

Southern Denmark Business School
Business majors only.


Universidad de Especialidades Espiritu Santo (UEES)
Spanish language focus; courses available in many subject areas.


Hildesheim University
German language intensive for German Studies majors and minors only.

Reutlingen University
Business majors only.

View Course Descriptions for Reutingen.

The Netherlands (under review for renewal)

InHolland University, Hogeschool Haarlem

Business majors only.

Study Away Events

Spring 2015

International Fair
Study Abroad Info Table
Thursday, April 23
10 am - 1 pm
MSU 218