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KU Conversation Partners

KU Conversation Partners is a cross-cultural dialogue between international students and native English speakers at KU. The goal of this program is to create the opportunity for meaningful interaction and friendships between the US and international students.

Domestic Students:
Are you studying a foreign language? 
Would you like to learn about someone else's culture and mentor a visiting student? 
Are you thinking about Study Abroad?

International Students:
Would you like to practice conversational English?
Would you like to meet US students on campus and help them with their foreign language skills? 
Would you like to learn about American Culture?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, email us to apply to our Conversation Partner Program! Many international students on campus would like to practice their English and share information about their culture.

How does it work?

Domestic students: If you study or speak a foreign language, email us to apply to our Conversation Partner Program and we will try to match you with a native speaker of the language you are studying. If you don't speak a foreign language, you can still apply! Just fill out the form, and we will do our best to match you with an International Student so you can get to know each other.

International students: Email us to apply to our Conversation Partner Program and we will try to match you with someone who is studying your native language. If we cannot match you with someone who speaks your native language, we will try to match you from your interests.

After you are matched with a partner, you can meet as often as you want, based on your schedules. The program is unstructured and you can take part in activities that interest both of you, like coffee, soccer, or lunch. Many people meet for an hour and spend half an hour speaking English and the other 30 minutes speaking the other language. It's a great way to improve your language skills and get to know great people!

Questions? Email  


  • The Office of International Admissions will contact you once you have been matched with a conversation partner. You will receive an email with your partner's email and phone. He or she will receive a similar email. You will be responsible for contacting each other.
  • When you first meet with your conversation partner, meet in a common place that you are both comfortable with. You should not meet in a partner's residence hall room, or any place that is not public.
  • Meet as often as you like. It's up to you. Some people meet once a week, others once a month. Make a schedule that works for both of you.
  • If you have problems contacting your partner, please let us know as soon as possible so we can help fix any problems. We want this to be a positive experience!

Apply to be a Conversation Partner today!