The Department of Human Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers! 

Below are some common questions asked of our office.  If your question is not included, Ask HR.


  • How to order new Health Insurance ID Cards?
    • Highmark Blue Shield members:

      Replacement ID Cards can be ordered directly from Highmark Blue Shield.  Select "Member" tab; log-in to your account; select "Order ID card".

      You can then select which of your covered members you need replacement cards for.  The cards take about 10 business days to get to you via mail.

      Cards can also be requested by phone - call Highmark Customer Service at 1-866-727-4935

      HMO plan members -
      PASSHE website under employee unit, then "Medical" tab for a list of HMO's and their websites.  Log-in as member to request ID cards OR call Customer Service of HMO plan.

      PEBTF website - select HMO plan and log-in as member to order ID cards OR call Customer Service of HMO plan.

      Supplemental Benefits

      PASSHE Dental Benefits through United Concordia - printable ID card can be printed on-line by logging in as member.

      PEBTF Dental Benefits through United Concordia

      Vision Benefits through National Vision Administrators - printable ID card available on-line via Subscriber log-in.  Cards can also be ordered on-line.

      Faculty - Contact local APSCUF Office for direction

      PEBTF Prescription through CVS Caremark

  • Where can I find current benefits forms?
    • You can get current forms for benefits through the PASSHE website by selecting appropriate unit and "Forms" or applicable benefit tab.

  • Where can I find answers regarding my medical coverage?
    • Please check the PASSHE website under the appropriate group for links to information on your medical coverage.

  • When is Open Enrollment?
    • There are various dates for Open Enrollments, here is a list:

      •·         PEBTF health benefits (AFSCME and SCUPA employees) Open Enrollment is usually late October for a January 1 effective date

      •·         PASSHE health benefits (APSCUF, Management, Coaches, OPEIU & SPFPA employees) Open Enrollment is usually late April to early May with a July 1 effective date

      •·         Flexible Spending Accounts Open Enrollment  is usually early November with a  January 1 effective date


  • If I don’t sign up for Long Term Disability or Voluntary Life insurance when I am first hired, when can I join?

  • How much may I contribute to my ARP?
    • Employees are required to contribute 5% of their covered salary and may not contribute any additional amount.

  • How much will the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education contribute to my ARP?
    • Currently the employer contribution is 9.29% of your covered salary. The rate is established by the legislature and subject to revision.

  • How frequently may I change investment fund allocations?
    • Allocation of investment funds within a company's available fund options may be changed in accordance with the company's guidelines.

  • Can I change ARP companies any time I wish?
    • You may change your Alternative Retirement Plan vendor selection or allocation of contributions two times during a calendar year.

  • Can I select more than one ARP company and thereby "split" my contributions?
    • Yes. Contributions to the ARP may be split between or among any of the participating companies. Employee and employer retirement contributions are combined and then allocated based upon the chosen percentages. The minimum amount that may be contributed to a single company is 1%.

  • If I become dissatisfied with the retirement plan I chose, can I switch between PSERS, SERS and the ARP?
    • No. Enrollment in retirement plan is a one-time, irrevocable election.

  • How long do I have to elect my retirement plan?
    • Employees have 30 days from the date of hire or initial retirement plan eligibility to select a retirement plan.   If an election is not made within 30 days, the default plan is State Employees Retirement System.

  • Where can I receive more information regarding retirement plan options?
    • Information including links to all retirement plans can be found on the PASSHE website.

  • Is the employee-paid portion of my retirement contribution made before tax?
    • Yes, your contributions to the contribution plans are pre-tax deductions.


  • What are the tuition waiver benefits, and how do I apply for them?
    • Information regarding tuition waiver as well as applicable forms by unit can be found on the Benefits - Tuition waiver webpage on the HR website.


  • What do I do if get hurt at work?
    • All work-related accidents must be immediately reported to your supervisor who will coordinate with H.R.  If you will be seeking medical treatment (other than emergency care), you should use a panel physician to guarantee coverage under Workers' Compensation.

      Workers Compensation Panel Listing   



  • What is my first step in creating a requisition?
    • When you have verbal approval to fill a position, your first step will go to the “MySearch” portal on the Human Resources page.  You may contact the HR department for more detailed information.

  • How do I find out the status of the requisition I submitted?
    • While your position is being classified in the MySearch system, you will receive emails from with the status updates, or you can reply to one of the emails you’d received in the past.  Once the position classification is decided and the requisition is entered into NeoGov for approvals, you can log into NeoGov Online Hiring Center (OHC) ( with your KU network ID – not your email address - and password - and go to My Requisitions at the top right hand side.

  • Why can’t I log into NeoGov to check on my requisition?
    • Please make sure you are in the correct portal and logging in using the correct credentials for the site you are trying to get into.

      Following the link in the email from you can use your KU email address and “reset” your password, but you will be responsible for managing that password; or,

      Using the link:, use your KU network ID (not email) and network password Select: Online Hiring Center from the drop down





  • When can I access my payroll statement?
    • You can view your pay statement as early as Tuesday of pay week on ESS.

  • Why am I not receiving paper payroll statements?
    • We have gone paperless ("green") and you can now access your payroll statement on ESS if you are direct deposited.  If needed, you can print it from the portal as well. 

  • How do I sign in through ESS?
    • Go to the main PASSHE website under Human Resources - Employee Self Service ("the Portal"): (Be sure to turn off any pop-up blockers.)  You will log in using your email address and your network password.

  • What can I access/change on ESS?
    • Employee Self-Serve (ESS) is a web-based service that provides employees with personal information related to their employment with the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE). The information covers:

      • Personal Information (personal data, address, emergency contact and bank information)
      • Benefits (medical/vision/dental, life insurance, disability, flex spending, AD&D and Retirement)
      • Leave & Time (view balances and absences & submit leave requests)
      • Payroll (pay statement and W-4)

      In addition to what you can view on ESS, you also have the ability to change the following:

      • Emergency contact information
      • W4 for federal tax withholding
      • Primary telephone number
      • Ethnicity/race information
      • Education information
      • Limited benefits enrollment
      • Submit leave requests (non-instructional staff only)
      • Add/change primary direct deposit account
      • Enroll for electronic delivery of W-2 form





  • How to update campus information for the electronic and yearly paper phonebook in ESS?
    • The following steps will guide you to update your campus address in Employee Self-Service (ESS).  It is recommended that you keep your campus information current.  You can update your own infomation at any time.  See "Notes" at the bottom for special fields requirement.

      Step 1: Log in to ESS with your network ID at

      Step 2: Click on "Employee Self-Service" (1st line of tool bar)

      Step 3: Click on "Personal Information" (2nd line of tool bar)

      Step 4: Click on “Address and Contact Information” (2nd link under “Available Applications”)

      Step 5: View campus address in this box on the screen. To update campus information, click on "Change Campus Address" (See red arrow below)

      ESS Campus Address Screen

      Note: The “Department” and “Building” fields will appear exactly how the information is entered on this screen in the electronic and paper copy phonebook. To maintain data consistency for the campus building names, please use the building code chart provided by HR to enter the 2-digit building code. If you do NOT enter a valid 2-digit code into the “Building” field, the campus location field will be blank on the e-phonebook. In addition, please enter the full 10-digit phone number in the “Work Phone” field or you will get an error message.

      Thank you for your cooperation.