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Desk Receptionist Position

Housing, Residence Life and Dining Services is currently accepting applications for the role of Desk Receptionist for the Fall 2016 - Spring 2017 academic year.

This position provides resource information for our diverse residential community, while providing a welcoming area for residents and guests.

Desk Receptionist Position Description

The Desk Receptionist serves three major functions while working at the desk: receptionist, administrator and reception desk personnel/disciplinarian.

1. As a receptionist, your responsibilities are to:

  • Greet people in a courteous and friendly manner.
  • Act as the center of hall communications.
  • Answer the desk phone courteously answering with "Kutztown University's NAME Hall, this is NAME speaking. How may I help you?"
  • Assist with telephone numbers.
  • Make visitors feel comfortable.
  • Have your name posted at the desk.
  • Act as a resource person.
  • Be familiar with facilities and people in residence halls such as the hall staff and custodial staff who work in the residence halls.
  • Be familiar with hall and university policies.
  • Be familiar with resources and campus agencies.
  • Be able to provide information and refer to other resource agencies.
  • Keep residents informed by announcements (see Public Address System Policy).

2. As an administrator, your responsibilities are to:

  • Cooperate in establishing desk coverage schedule.
  • Assist opening and closing the halls at the beginning and end of each semester, and before and after vacations.
  • Distribute mail, record and distribute packages and set up mail boxes.
  • Distribute games and equipment, take ID card number.
  • Distribute keys to students locked out of their rooms according to proper procedures.
  • Check students out by taking keys and filling out proper forms when they move.
  • Assist Head Staff in the area of typing, filing, keeping desk log and other administrative duties as assigned by RD/AD.

3. As reception desk personnel/disciplinarian, your responsibilities are to:

  • Enforce the visitation policy as designated by the Hall Council. Learn resident's names early in the semester. Student IDs may be checked to verify on the roster.
  • Manage problems at the desk.
  • Contact appropriate staff and/or offices if you cannot handle a situation.
  • While on duty, as the disciplinarian, it is essential that you respond to all violations of university policy according to established procedures.
  • While off duty, you should be available and supportive by: referring the situation to duty staff immediately, providing assistance when needed or directly confronting situations as any resident student would.

As a Desk Receptionist, you are the first and last person seen by residents and visitors as they travel through your building. Please do not minimize the impact you and your job performance have on residents and visitors.

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