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Community Assistant Application

The Housing and Residential Services Office is pleased you are interested in a position as a Community Assistant. Please keep in mind that candidates must be in good standing and have paid a Housing Registration for the 2013-2014 Academic Year.

Information provided here includes a job description, a list of minimum requirements, an application and a reference form. It is your responsibility to follow all of the instructions, including adhering to any posted deadlines for applications and references. Kutztown University e-mail is the official form of communication for this process. Please check your e-mail on a daily basis.

Community Assistant Applications for Fall 2013-Spring 2014 are due by February 4Applications received after February 15 will be reviewed on an as needed basis. Candidates apply to each Residential Area to request consideration. A candidate may be called for an interview in each of the 6 areas. Please participate in interviews with all of the areas you are considering for potential employment.

In order to fulfill your responsibilities in this process, please complete the following steps.

  1. Complete all parts of the application. You may submit an online application, or download a blank application form and return it to the Housing and Residential Services Office (106 Old Main) by February 4.

    Submit online application 
    Download application form

  2. Download and print two (2) copies of the reference form and clearly print your name at the top of each. Two completed reference forms are required to be completed before an offer can be made. You can use any of the following individuals as references.
    • Give one to a current staff member
    • Give one to a faculty/administrator or your Academic Advisor
    • Give one to an Advisor of a campus organization of which you are a member
    • Give one to a current employer
    Download reference form

  3. Take part in the interview process which includes an individual interview with each Residential Area of interest. A Residential Area is a group of residence halls managed by a Coordinator.

  4. All candidates must have a paid Housing Application on file and have at least a 2.50 GPA. Your Housing status, Grade Point Average and judicial records will be checked for good standing prior to selection and each semester of employment.

    All selected and placed student staff must:

    1. Maintain a minimum 2.50 cumulative grade point average and have a paid Housing Application on file.
    2. Be enrolled full-time, maintaining academic progress.
    3. Reside on campus (sleep in your assigned hall unless your Building Director is notified).
    4. Assist with openings and closings of the residence hall system.
    5. Perform all job duties according to the position description.
    6. Abide by and enforce University policies.
    7. Participate in pre semester and continued staff training and meetings.
    8. Be available to resident students.
    9. Schedule work for weekdays and weekends. 50% CAs will be available on campus each weekend.
    10. Follow all Kutztown University, Housing, Residential Services, and Human Resource processes.
    11. Assist in staff recruitment and selection processes.
    12. Perform other duties as assigned, including work provided by the Housing and Residential Services Office, Coordinator, and Resident Director.
Should you have any questions concerning the applications/selection process or interview time, date and location, please feel free to call x4027 or ask your Building Director.