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Community Assistant

Community Assistant Position Description

The Community Assistant is an undergraduate member of the Housing, Residence Life and Dining Team. The Community Assistant is supervised by the Building Director. She/he is responsible for development of responsible community membership among individuals of a residence hall wing or series of suites within his/her hall.

The Community Assistant is responsible for overseeing the residents in areas related to community development, responsible community membership, programming, communication, intervention and mediation, as well as, providing leadership to the entire hall when active in the duty rotation. The Community Assistant is a live-in, student employment position within Housing, Residence Life and Dining.

The Community Assistant establishes a rapport with resident students and assists these students in the adjustment to community living and university life. She/he clearly communicates, implements and/or enforces University policies and Housing, Residence Life and Dining procedures and is available to counsel, advise and refer students as appropriate. She/he keeps the Building Director informed of individual, wing and hall happenings.

The Community Assistant participates in appropriate recruitment, selection, training, evaluation, and housing processes.

The Community Assistant, under the direction of the Building Director, develops and implements community based programming which supports the academic mission and community development within the wing and hall.

The Community Assistant intervenes with students whose behaviors are not appropriate for the residence community. She/he reports violations of federal, state, and/or local laws and infractions of the University Conduct Guidelines.

The Community Assistant is available to serve the residents. The Community Assistant participates in regular duty rotation including weekday nights, weekend nights, openings and closings, and in weekly desk rotation (3 hours). She/he is not to be gone from the hall more than three days and/or evenings each week. A day is five or more hours and an evening is three or more hours. The Community Assistant is available to assume responsibilities in the event of emergencies. Fifty percent of the Community Assistant Staff will be available each weekend.

The Community Assistant is responsible to serve as a liaison with students, student staff and professional staff within Housing, Residence Life and Dining. She/he is responsible for communicating Housing, Residence Life and Dining processes, procedures, activities, programs, issues and concerns between the Housing, Residence Life and Dining Office and students through regularly scheduled wing/suite meetings. She/he assists Hall Council in identifying and supporting wing representatives.

The Community Assistant pursues position development through attendance and participation in on-going orientation and training and weekly staff meetings.

The Community Assistant serves as a role model for students by managing a full academic schedule, personal development, and successful performance within the Community Assistant job.

The Community Assistant performs other duties as assigned