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Housing, Residence Life and Dining Services Residence Hall Staff Overview

Administrative Assistants and Imaginarium Assistants work with an office supervisor providing services such as filing, calling, light typing, assistance with processes (AAs: closing, damages, and inventory control; IAs: printing, poster making, laminating, etc.). The office supervisor selects and supervises these individuals. 

The Community Assistant works with community members providing assistance by transitioning students to the community by facilitating roommate agreements, teaching campus standards and community living expectations, creating a foundation of respect and developing a schedule of meetings and activities to enhance the community. Community Assistants take part in a night duty rotation. There is at least one Community Assistant on call between 7pm and 7am each night of the week so that there is someone who can contact a Housing, Residence Life, and Dining Services professional at any time of day. The Community Assistant is hired for placement within a residential area from a pool whose qualifications include demonstrated residence hall leadership experience, a minimum 2.5 grade point average, good standing - academic, behavioral, housing- , a solid interview and recommendations. The CAs are considered live-in and receive $5,000 paid out biweekly in equal installments and a single room at the standard double room rate while employed for the academic year.

Each hall operates a "front desk" in the lobby of each hall. There is a team of 8-15 Desk Receptionists that serve as a resource to students and their guests up to 24 hours a day while the university is in session. The desk serves as a center of communication where campus and community information is available and students can request assistance with items such as lock outs, reporting maintenance concerns, signing out equipment such as items cooking or games, pick up packages, and knowing that there is always a person with whom they can talk. The Desk Receptionist must be a residence hall student in good standing academically and behaviorally to be given full consideration. Desk Receptionists are paid an hourly wage. 

A First Year Mentor is an upper-class student that performs various duties with an emphasis on adjustment and transition to college issues for our first year resident students. They meet individually with their mentees to assist with a variety of first year related issues or concerns. In addition to meeting with their mentees, First Year Mentors serve as a helper, a campus resource and have specific responsibilities in the area of programming as it relates to first year issues.

Mail Clerks are hired for Dixon and Golden Bear Village as the mailrooms and package pick-up are not incorporated into the desk functions. These individuals work up to 12 hours a week, sorting mail, and working with package distribution. 

The Student Staff Coordinator is an experienced Community Assistant or Desk Receptionist who works with the Resident Director in recruiting, interviewing, selecting, training and evaluating the functional areas of assessment, scheduling, timecards, and hall desk operations.

Housing Tour Guides are  Kutztown University students who provide guided tours of the University's Residence Halls and lives on campus. Tour Guides give information about Housing processes such as Housing Applications, roommate and room assignment processes, signing up for a meal plan and more. They also provide a real-life snapshot of what it is like living in the halls, as well as afford specific important  policies on living in the residence halls. They highlight the many opportunities that living in our Residence Halls provide, as well as showing off the many amenities that each hall has to offer.

Updated: 1/20/16/MGM