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Employment Processes

Housing, Residence Life and Dining Services recruits and selects people to work in a variety of jobs serving resident students and hall staff. 

1. Eligible residence hall students have a paid Housing Application Fee, have paid for the semester of employment and are in good standing academically, financially and behaviorally.

2. Eligible residence hall students complete an application. Applicants applying to the position for the first time must provide references.

3. Applications are reviewed. Candidates may be contacted for an interview or notified that they are not being considered at this time.

4. Interviewed candidates may be selected or notified that they are not being selected at this time.

5. Selected candidates must complete the letter of contract indicating that they are accepting the position or not and return the letter within 3 business days.

6. Selected candidates who accept the job and sign the letter of contract will present their Work Authorization Number*, complete applications for Protection of Minors, Background Clearances, complete the Student Employment Application at the Housing, Residence Life and Dining Services' office in 106 Old Main AND complete the first phase of training prior to beginning the job. 

7. Resident Student Employees are paid on a biweekly basis beginning two weeks after submission of first timecard.  

*Work Authorization Number and pay information

Questions on this process may be forwarded to:

Updated: 12/2015