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Procedures for Policy Violations

When a student violates a Housing policy, the violation is documented on a Housing Violation Form.  The student is then contacted by the Building Director to schedule a meeting to discuss the situation.  After meeting with the BD, if the student is found to be in violation of the policy, an appropriate sanction is administered.

In the case of a violation of a major University policy, the violation is documented on an Incident Report.  The report is the forwarded to the Dean for Student Services and Campus Life.  Depending on the type of violation that occurred, the alleged violator will be contacted by his/her Residence Coordinator or the Associate Dean of Students to setup a preliminary briefing to discuss the situation.  At this meeting the student will be given the option to accept responsibility for the violation or request a hearing with the University Conduct Board.

For more specific information about student rights and responsibilities please refer to the student handbook at