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Second Year Residential Intiative (S.Y.R.I)

The Second Year Residential Initiative or S.Y.R.I. is a Residential Community Cluster designed to address the needs of second year students.  National research has shown that second year students experience their own unique challenges in terms of academics, social interactions with peers, and developing an awareness of who they are as individuals.  S.Y.R.I. has been created to help second year students be better prepared to deal with these challenges as well enhance their overall college experience. 

Students participating in the Second Year Residential Initiative will:

  • Live with other second year students with whom they can form connections and share experiences.
  • Have the opportunity to interact with faculty and staff outside of the classroom and office setting through  programming, and the S.Y.R.I. Mentor/Mentee Program.
  • Participate in two programming tracks that have been tailored specifically to the needs of second year students.
  • Engage in service learning opportunities that are interactive and selected by the students within the S.Y.R.I. program.
  • Develop their leadership skills.

 This Residential Community Cluster has been filled for 2015-2016.
Anyone interested in hearing more about the program or if you have any questions, please contact  Desiree Reasoner at: .

Updated 3/2015