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Mission, Core Values, and Vision Statement

Mission Statement

Housing and Residence Life provides welcoming and inclusive on-campus residential communities, offering a live-in learning experience which empowers our students in their personal and scholastic growth.

Core Values and Learning Initiatives


  • Residents will learn to think independently and make decisions for themselves
  • Residents will learn to foresee the consequences of their actions

Community Engagement

  • Residents will learn to recognize their personal impact on individual Kutztown University community members (students, faculty, and staff) and the community as a whole
  • Residents will learn to recognize the importance of community standards
  • Residents will learn to recognize effective leadership skills and opportunities to develop as leaders

Educational Application

  • Residents will learn to use knowledge gained from classroom and extracurricular experiences and apply it to their residence hall community living
  • Residents will learn to identify and utilize appropriate campus and life resources


  • Residents will learn to respect, value, and appreciate diversity in the broadest sense
  • Residents will learn to understand their personal identity and how it relates to their community
  • Residents will learn to engage in discussion about sensitive issues


  • Residents will learn to effectively manage and deal with conflict
  • Residents will learn to recognize the role of collaboration and interdependence in community living
  • Residents will learn to set boundaries in living situations and environments


  • Residents will learn to demonstrate wellness in their personal and academic lives
  • Residents will learn to develop and maintain meaningful relationships
  • Residents will learn to increase self-awareness and develop their ability to clearly communicate their individual identity, motivations, values, beliefs and ideas

Vision Statement

Housing and Residence Life offers a premier program that meets the needs of our students.  As a department our program provides our students with an enriched out-of-classroom experience that enhances their personal and academic growth.  We employ qualified staff that creates a supportive and inclusive environment where our students are respected for their individual differences and know they are a valued part of the housing and residence life community.

Updated: 9/2015